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ACEL Online - Protocols and Disclaimer

ACEL Online Protocols and Disclaimer

Please note that your participation in ‘ACEL Online’ indicates that you agree with the following items.

  1. RESPECT FOR COLLEAGUES. Please remember that all comments on the blogs, and views, ideas, opinions expressed in all content material, have been provided by (or selected by) well-meaning fellow professionals who have taken the time, and sometimes the courage, to publicly share their views, expertise and information. If you disagree with their views or dispute the information provided, and wish to respond by posting a blog, please use a polite and collegial tone.

  2. MODERATION AND THE APPROVAL PROCESS. All blog postings are checked by the Online Community Manager before being published, so it may take a short time for your message to appear on the blog/website. Unprofessional, unfriendly, defamatory, rude or anonymous remarks will not be approved for publication.

  3. INDENTIFY YOURSELF. All blog participants must provide their name (first name and surname). Postings that do not include this information will not be approved for publication.
  4. ACEL MEMBERSHIP. Other than Guest Commentators, who are given temporary access to the blogs and may provide content material if invited, all participants must be ACEL members.
  5. EDITORIAL POLICY. ‘ACEL Online’ is an official professional service provided by ACEL. It is produced by ACEL to enhance the professional learning of education leaders, and therefore seeks input from education and education-related professionals in all Australian States, Territories and education sectors/levels, as well as a small number of overseas contributors. The opinions expressed in ‘ACEL Online’ are those of the writers/creators alone and do not necessarily reflect official ACEL views. Content material is from a wide range of education stakeholders, including ACEL members. Content material is deliberately selected to reflect the wide range of diverse views held by education leaders and education stakeholders. Participants are advised that not all of the available personal opinions or information about a particular event, development, issue or policy direction may be published in ‘ACEL Online’. Interested participants who require more comprehensive information, or who seek the opinions of a wider range of stakeholders, are advised to directly contact the institutions or persons cited in the article they are interested in.
  6. EDITORIAL CONTENT. ACEL Online readers are most welcome to email the Online Community Manager via with suggestions of content.
  7. DISCLAIMER. Neither the ‘ACEL Online’ Online Community Manager, the ACEL or any of the ‘ACEL Online’ sponsors can guarantee, or take responsibility, for the accuracy (or otherwise) of any information (or information/opinion on non-ACEL websites accessed via links) contained in ‘ACEL Online’, nor do any of these parties accept responsibility for any loss or damages arising from statements, information or opinions contained in any published article or sponsors’ advertisement. The ACEL does not endorse the content selected, opinions expressed or the tone of comments or footage on any material. All information that is chosen to be included is to provide information and stimulate professional reflection and discussion about education and educational leadership. Material is deliberately diverse and may sometimes contain what may be perceived by some readers as controversial views. Download times will vary according to many factors, including the speed and capacity of your internet connection.

  8. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT. ‘ACEL Online’ is copyright. No part of this online publication or website may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the copyright owner. All rights reserved. Individual authors retain copyright on their content material and their permission must be sought in writing before republishing. All inquiries should first be made to the ACEL Chief Executive Officer.


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